Monday, June 11, 2012

"Struggling to Update?"

I was slacking in the update department, so I posted a forum on the 20 Something Blogger site about struggling to update. I had a few wild suggestions, one being that I should get drunk and post whatever I feel... however, knowing myself under the influence of a few glasses of wine I would be writing novels about my personal struggle to take my shoes off, and whether or not I should pursue the guy I met at work or the guy I've known since I was 17 who's only after one thing. Regardless, there will be no drunken posts... at least for a majority of the time.

Another person suggested that I start fresh with a new blog. I don't foresee me doing anything of the sort. I have been in a relationship with this blog since the end of my junior year of college, granted it's only been a year, but this blog has meant a lot to me. It has been a personal manifesto of my views and outlooks on life. It's been my place to talk about Glee and other mediums of my entertainment. Mainly it's been a diary of my life, racking up useless information about me and what my favorite Christmas activities are and how heartbroken my last relationship made me. This blog is my blog.

Another suggestion was to read some of my favorite blogs. Naturally, I checked into Kelly's blog, Keeping Up With Kelly Ann. I went to college with Kelly and, not only is her blog adorable, she always seems to be posting some great ideas. Whether it's crafts or recipes or talking about what new things she received in her Birchbox, she always has impressive updates. Then I took a look at my Pledge Mom Katie's blog (It's All Happening) and saw her posting recipes galore.  She leads a busy/ideal lifestyle for a girl like me. Katie is constantly posting about books she has read, parties she has planned, and life lessons - and she posts pics with her recipes, oh my lord her blog makes my mouth water. Finally, I looked at my pledge sister Julie's blog. The Heart On Your Sleeve stays updated with random apps she likes, creative pieces she's written, and some of her favorite things. All three blogs gave me more and more inspiration to keep my own up and running, in my eyes, successfully.

Another good comment, which I truly appreciated was from Clayton at DadToLibbs. He explained to me how he is keeping his blog organized: 7 posts for 7 days. The posts consist of discussions on the Walking Dead, his daughter, a Day Zero list and his artwork and articles. This inspired me to work on a Bucket List post and to start writing about movies I watch. Obviously, these will be posts for another day. An unfinished product until everything is set in stone.

I posted that discussion on 20 Something Bloggers not knowing what to blog about... and I managed to get an entire post from my responses alone, plus a few new post ideas. I knew I was a part of these young writing genii for a reason. So thank you random blogging friends for your help. I only hope I can help you someday!

To review this discussion, come join us at 20 Something Bloggers.

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  1. Glad I could help. A 'Day Zero' list is a great way to always have something to do. Even doing parts of it is a way to come up with a couple posts. I hope to see you around my blog starting on July 1st, when I start my daily posting. Thanks again, and I was glad to help.

  2. So in my Blogger reader, it said you posted something, but I can't find it anywhere on your site. Did you just delete it after you posted it? I'm just confused. Either way, good luck with the writing.

    1. Oh no! I posted my Bucket List on a page and wrote about supporting my library. I wonder what happened. Thanks for letting me know!