Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh. Em. GLEE!

*warning this post contains spoilers*

Happen to catch last nights Glee titled "On My Way"? Tears were welling in my eyes for practically the entire episode. How could they put things like this in a television show for young adults and teenagers? Hmmm? Well, THANK GOD they did.

In 2011, a study involving around 32,000 students found that 20 percent of gay, lesbian and bisexual teens had made an attempt to kill themselves vs 4 percent straight kids. In some low-scoring countries, there were 1,584 suicide attempts – 304 of those being HOMOSEXUAL TEENAGERS.

Why is it important to be made aware of this? I mean, there’s the obvious we don’t need anymore dying youth, but most importantly, we need to stop bullying against homosexuality. First and foremost, I need to know why the HELL anyone cares so much about another person’s freaking sexual preference!!! Is it your business if Andrew loves Paul or Emily loves Anna or even if Andrew loves Emily? NO. We don’t care if you’re straight, so why should we care if you’re gay?

In last night’s Glee, after a classmate saw him with Kurt on Valentine’s Day, Karofsky found his football locker covered in spray paint reading the degrading and painful word “FAG.” People had wrote mean things about him on Facebook telling him to go back in the closet. This lead him to hang himself and ALMOST DIE. Then, people posted things like “better luck next time, faggot.” THIS IS REAL LIFE, PEOPLE. Glee is not making this up as a sick joke - it happens and it needs to stop.

Unlike Karofsky, who fortunately survived his attempt, kids successfully kill themselves over threatening social media comments or verbal prejudices. For example, the Rutgers University student who jumped off of a bridge after cohorts recorded and posted a video of him having sex with another male.

PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING: Mind your own damn business, people!!!!!!

Glee Club director Mr. Will Schuester asks the kids to think about what they would miss out on if they committed suicide. Santana says, “I can’t wait for my abuela to love me again,” Brittany says of her cat, “I want to see Lord Tubbington kick his ecstasy addiction,” Quinn says she can’t wait to graduate in the top ten of her Yale class, Rachel wants to be friends with the Glee kids for the rest of their lives, and Blaine says, “I can’t wait to see equality for gay and lesbians.”

What would you miss out on if you were to commit suicide today? My guess is a lot. Someone homosexual has the same goals and dreams as you. Do NOT take that away from them with your hurtful comments. They wouldn’t do it to you.

As for the last second of the episode, that is a hooooooooooole other blog post.