Thursday, August 18, 2011

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My 20 Most Played Songs on My iPod

While I am waiting to hear back from my potential internships (I got a call back from one!) I decided to still try to keep my blog interesting. While hanging out on 20sb, I discovered Kristin's Blog of Shenanigans. She had a list of her 20 most played songs on her iPod and I was impressed by her eclectic taste! "If only I could do the same concept... that way people can really understand me and get to know me," I thought to myself.

So here it is. The list of my 20 most played songs on my iPod, some old, some new. These are the songs I am constantly belting my lungs out to. The songs I dance to and drive to, the songs that I think I'm in the music video for....

  1. "Price Tag" ~ Cimorelli cover

  2. "Grow a Pear" ~ Ke$ha

  3. "Misery" ~ Maroon 5

  4. "My Girl (Remix)" ~ Mindless Behavior

  5. "Part Time Lover" ~ Stevie Wonder

  6. "Who Says" ~ Selena Gomez

  7. "Loving You No More" ~ Dirty Money

  8. "I Dreamed a Dream" ~ Glee Cast

  9. "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" ~ Glee Cast

  10. "Peacock" ~ Katy Perry

  11. "Turning Tables" ~ Adele

  12. "Countdown" ~ Beyonce

  13. "Itty Bitty Piggy" ~ Nicki Minaj

  14. "Top Floor" ~ Wiz Khalifa

  15. "[Forget] You" ~ Cee Lo Green

  16. "Holla At Me" ~ Chris Brown ft Tyga

  17. "Jar of Hearts" ~ Christina Perri

  18. "We R Who We R" ~ Ke$ha

  19. "Cudderisback" ~ Kid Cudi

  20. "Tears Dry on Their Own" ~ Amy Winehouse

Here's this, simply because it is SICK:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Biting my nails

This is my moment of truth, fellow bloggers. I have found myself wide awake at night thinking about not getting another one. What if the opportunity should never arise again? What if I have backed myself into a corner of failure and nothingness? What if I have screwed myself over permanently.

Yes, I really think about all of this over currently not having an internship.

I had a really amazing one last year - like, really amazing. My internship was in Pittsburgh - in the heart of the city! Boy was it an experience. I met so many interesting people and got to take my education skills to all new heights! Although I did not get the privilege of having my internship count for credits (apparently you don't get any recognition for being a motivated college sophomore), I learned a lot. I even got to share my experience on an online website called The InternView.

But alas, it's time to move on. One internship is simply not enough in the world of Apple mediums and tech savvy business firms. Plus, the empty space under Communication Internship is burning a hole in my transcript.

I finally stopped freaking about my future long enough to send out my cover letters and resume to a few employers, only to be back to pulling my hair out!

However one of these firms is my dream job! I have been in love with this place since I heard about it during my first internship. I just kept telling myself, "that is where I belong." As my school year in PRSSA and my major progressed, all signs pointed to this firm! Although I will be a tad bit crushed if I don't get this internship there, I will not stop trying for a position there. Hopefully I keep pushing forward and get more experience to bring to their table eventually.

So yeah... I'm already keeping myself in my prayers while crossing my fingers and simultaneously biting my nails (gross habit, really don't pick it up) over these internships - if you could send a little love my way as well, well then you'd be the best people alive.

Until then, I will keep you all updated on my progress as well as how many bald spots I have forced upon my head from continuous hair pulling.

- xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2011

A "FYI" on being a 21 year old college senior/intern.

As a 21 year old college senior and post-intern, it has come to my attention that some students have not listened to a word of advice about social networking. STEER CLEAR OF IT & if you don't, STOP POSTING RIDICULOUSLY OBNOXIOUS THINGS THAT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING A JOB. Is that really that impossible to understand? Clearly. So here's some advice from me, an annoyed cohort that wishes you would just stop.

  1. Believe it or not, your potential employers can find your most private Facebook pictures. It's called the "6 degrees of separation."

    - For those of you who have learned nothing in high school or college: Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, "a friend of a friend" statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer.

    Meaning: Your employers will find you through anybody. It's a small world, after all.

  2. Calling your current boss a "tubby b*tch" on your not so private Twitter page will not ensure you a future position.. anywhere. She is your boss and there are other people more deserving of your position.

  3. The statuses about how hammered you were last night should cease to exist. We all get it, college kids party. When you have a job or an internship though, your employers don't need to know that their employee is an unreliable drunk mess.

  4. Tweeting or Facebooking about how horny you are may get you laid, but no potential job offers. (It's sad to say that I really had to point that out...)

  5. Nobody cares about your love life. Really and truly.

  6. For those of you with part-time positions, there's a reason it's PART TIME. It's not going to be your whole life if you don't let it. Stop complaining, keep your eye on the prize and keep working while looking for something better.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Found this on StumbleUpon.. Couldn't agree more.

Number 1 - They Think, Say, & Do Negative Things.

Yup. They see problems in every opportunity.

They complain that the sun is too hot. They cursed the rain for ruining their plans for the day. They blame the wind for ruining their hair.

They think that everyone is against them. They see the problems but never the solutions.

Every little bit of difficulty is exaggerated to the point of tragedy. They regard failures as catastrophes. They become discouraged easily instead of learning from their mistakes.

They never seem to move forward because they're always afraid to come out of their comfort zones.

Number 2 - They Act Before They Think.

They move based on instinct or impulse. If they see something they like, they buy at once without any second thought.

Then they see something better. They regret & curse for not able to take advantage of the bargain.

Then they spend & spend again until nothing's left. They don't think about the future. What they're after is the pleasure they will experience at present.

They don't think about the consequences. Those who engage in unsafe sex, criminality, and the like are included in this group.

Number 3 - They Talk Much More Than They Listen

They want to be the star of the show. So they always engage in talks that would make them heroes, even to the point of lying.

Oftentimes they are not aware that what they're saying is not sensible anymore.

When other people advise them, they close their ears because they're too proud to admit their mistakes.

In their mind they're always correct. They reject suggestions because that will make them feel inferior.

Number 4 - They Give Up Easily

Successful people treat failures as stepping stones to success.

Incompetent ones call it quits upon recognizing the first signs of failure.

At first, they may be excited to start an endeavor. But then they lose interest fairly quickly, especially when they encounter errors.

Then they go & search for a new one. Same story & same results. Incompetent people don't have the persistence to go on and fulfill their dreams.

Number 5 - They Try to Bring Others Down To Their Level

Incompetent people envy other successful individuals. Instead of working hard to be like them, these incompetent ones spread rumors and try every dirty trick to bring them down.

They could have asked these successful ones nicely. But no, they're too proud. They don't want to ask advise. Moreover, they're too negative to accomplish anything.

Number 6 - They Waste Their Time

They don't know what to do next. They may just be contented on eating, getting drunk, watching TV, or worse, staring at the blank wall with no thoughts whatsoever to improve their lives.

It's perfectly fine to enjoy once in a while. But time should be managed efficiently in order to succeed. There should be a proper balance between work & pleasure.

Number 7 - They Take the Easy Way Out

If there are two roads to choose from, incompetent people would choose the wider road with less rewards than the narrower road with much better rewards at the end.

They don't want any suffering or hardship. They want a good life.

What these people don't know is that what you reap is what you sow. Efforts & action will not go unnoticed.

If only they would be willing to sacrifice a little, they would be much better off.

IMO - if you know people like this, they have to get out of your life. There is no use keeping around someone who will constantly be your "Debbie Downer." Don't try and persuade them to change. Just let them go. Over time, they will learn.

Books I've Read

An inspirational piece. I loved it. This book begins with Katie's life and abides by the quote, "no one leaves life unscathed," a quote Couric's mother always told her. Though she has lead a life of complicated trials and tribulations, nothing as stopped Couric from pushing forward and learning what it means to strive to be a better person and how to get through anything. This novel includes lessons and advice from Mario Batali, George Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep, and (my personal favorite) Beyonce'. It's a book to read when you are feeling low or even when you are feeling at your happiest. It will bring out the true beauty of the lives we have been given, and how we can face anything.

This is the fourth of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I honestly cannot believe it took me this long to pick up a Plum novel. My mom has sworn by them for years ... now I see why. Not only is she a savvy bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum is "saucy," sarcastic, and witty. She is every woman we strive to be - and she packs a pretty heavy pistol. This novel is a series of events and characters including meeting drag queen Sally and his psychotic roommate Sugar, ex-hooker Lulu, super sexy based on description Joe Morelli, weasel-like Eddie Kuntz, and the ever so hilarious 73-year-old Grandma Mazur. At the moments I held myself tight for suspense, I'd find myself ending up in a fit of laughter and tears.