Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Biting my nails

This is my moment of truth, fellow bloggers. I have found myself wide awake at night thinking about not getting another one. What if the opportunity should never arise again? What if I have backed myself into a corner of failure and nothingness? What if I have screwed myself over permanently.

Yes, I really think about all of this over currently not having an internship.

I had a really amazing one last year - like, really amazing. My internship was in Pittsburgh - in the heart of the city! Boy was it an experience. I met so many interesting people and got to take my education skills to all new heights! Although I did not get the privilege of having my internship count for credits (apparently you don't get any recognition for being a motivated college sophomore), I learned a lot. I even got to share my experience on an online website called The InternView.

But alas, it's time to move on. One internship is simply not enough in the world of Apple mediums and tech savvy business firms. Plus, the empty space under Communication Internship is burning a hole in my transcript.

I finally stopped freaking about my future long enough to send out my cover letters and resume to a few employers, only to be back to pulling my hair out!

However one of these firms is my dream job! I have been in love with this place since I heard about it during my first internship. I just kept telling myself, "that is where I belong." As my school year in PRSSA and my major progressed, all signs pointed to this firm! Although I will be a tad bit crushed if I don't get this internship there, I will not stop trying for a position there. Hopefully I keep pushing forward and get more experience to bring to their table eventually.

So yeah... I'm already keeping myself in my prayers while crossing my fingers and simultaneously biting my nails (gross habit, really don't pick it up) over these internships - if you could send a little love my way as well, well then you'd be the best people alive.

Until then, I will keep you all updated on my progress as well as how many bald spots I have forced upon my head from continuous hair pulling.

- xoxo

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  1. I think it's awesome you've already done an internship as a sophomore! (And in Pittsburgh? Even better! Although I am biased, considering I'm from the area and also had an internship in the 'Burgh).

    However, in terms of the stress of finding another internship, just keeping your options open and trying to keep a clear mind might help. I didn't get the first internship I applied for. It took me a while to find one, but once I did, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Best of luck!