Friday, April 6, 2012


So my best friend invited me to a Pittsburgh Penguins tonight, and, being a lover of all things 'burgh, I agreed to go. BEST DECISION of my life! We had dinner at Tailgaters, and I saw an old friend - always cheers me up when I am somewhere unfamiliar to me. We waited for our nachos for so long that we our server gave us three beers for free! Signs of an epic night.

The entire two week span of us having tickets, my friend kept saying "we have to meet Evgeni Malkin's parents." for those of you who don't know, Malkin is the sexiest hockey player alive from Russia. During the game, they flash a live shot of Malkin's parents on the Jumbo tron and obnoxious fans, like us, set off to find them during halftime.

We had almost given up hope on finding them when we spotted cameras and a crowd surrounding an older man. Praise Jesus, it was Malkin's dad! We immediately ran up to him to hopefully get a photo opp. I handed my phone to a random camera man and asked if he could please take some photos. Little did I know he was recording on his own camera.

When we got back to our seats, our phones were blowing up with texts and tweets from our friends saying they saw us on TV with Malkin's dad. Yeah, we were on live national television chilling with Vladimir Malkin.

The game was even better because the boys won! It was a great experience. I am officially a Penguins lover!


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