Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The keys to happiness...

This is based off of a Facebook status I posted at around 11:30PM last night, and had received over 40 likes by the time I woke up 8 hours later.

Here is the status:

I loved my ex, I really did. But we were far from meant for each other.  We had more horrible times than good times.  Maybe someday he and I can laugh at our past, but our relationship was made up in friendship sacrifices and no trust.  I felt like I was only doing things for him than for me.  It was so much effort, more effort than a 21 year old college senior needed in her life. It has taken since September to finally realize that my life is absolutely amazing - and that I am actually happy being young, wild, and free. The Claddagh on my right hand is facing upward, meaning I am single (possibly looking for the one.. we'll see) and proud to show it off.

So what are my keys to happiness? My list is simple, as it takes the first three to truly feel fulfilled, blessed, and genuinely happy.

Adele Stewart's Keys to Happiness:

  1. Spend time with your family.  I constantly talk to my mom about everything ever.  We reminisce on old times, talk about failed relationships, gossip about work and celebrities over iced coffees, home cooked meals, or lunch at a local cafe.  She is my backbone. Then there's my aunt, cousins and goddaughter. I have gotten to know my family so much more this year.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life than when sitting around a table with my two great aunts, my cousins and our moms.  Family is the most important thing, don't ever forget how much they mean to you.
  2. Make new friends (but keep the old). When I first started working at the yacht club, all of my friends were friends with the girl who got me the job.  They weren't really "my own" friends.  But this year has changed a lot of that. I have become better friends with more people, people I feel I will be friends with for a long time, and people I can actually call MY friends.  I also get along GREAT with my new roommate.  We have a lot in common and a bunch of the same interests (wine, the Disney Channel, coffee, cooking, crafts, music...). We used to hate each other in grade school and high school (it was on and off) until maturity hit and we reconciled our differences.
  3. Tell yourself you are beautiful everyday.  I mean, don't necessarily sit in front of the mirror saying "oh my god, why are you the most goddamn beautiful person in the whole world?" or (more realistically) "I'm prettier than such and such person." I mean, you might be, but telling yourself other people are ugly will not make you feel better in the long run - unless you are a conceited and pretentious bitch, then carry on with your cocky self. But it's not hard to look in the mirror, when your hair is a mess and you are in your most natural state, and say "you are beautiful"... and after saying it enough, you not only believe it, but you've realized it enough to know that you actually are. When your heart gets broken, it's hard to feel positive about yourself... but if you keep pushing yourself, eventually you get your groove back.
  4. Listen to good music (and yes, you can listen to some sappy heart break music, but not for very long! REMEMBER: HAPPY). I like to listen to John Mayer or Jason Mraz, Beyonce (always), today's hits, Glee (I cry joyful tears for Glee) and anything with a good beat and positive message.
  5. Do something you love to do.  I used to LOVE theater, but didn't do any in college.  I made my acting/directing comeback in Godspell this summer, and I can honestly say I am so happy with the outcome.  I cried when the show was over I was so, so proud of the cast, the production, and myself.
  6. Create something.  Whether you build something, or make an interesting craft - do something you can always look at and be proud of.  Nothing's more rewarding than hearing a compliment about it and saying, "Oh, I made that!"
  7. Adopt a pet.  I was never really a cat person, but I adopted a cat, Khloe.  She has been my cuddle buddy on more than one occasion and she is such a funny creature.  I have never enjoyed anyone's presence more.  She's my baby, I enjoy raising her.
  8. Watch a movie that makes you happy.  One night, I found myself searching through Movies On Demand when I discovered the Glee 3D Movie.  I actually was so happy that I cried and had goosebumps sent up my arms.  It's so weird that one show about a group of choir kids can make me so happy, but it does.
  9. Have a girls night. Nothing beats wine, brownies, and bonding. Seriously.
  10. Write. After exploring my blog, don't you think that is self explanatory?
  11. Nix the fast food and start cooking the food you love.
  12. Go on dinner dates. Filter out the guys you don't like and create a TYPE for yourself.
  13. Go running. Clears your mind and it looks good on your legs.
  14. Dance on stage at the bar to Whitney Houston with your closest girls.
  15. Live by "We Are Young" (fun.)
  16. Find your Glee.  You've seen how I rant and rave about how happy it makes me.  Find something that you look forward to.  Something you can relate to, cry to, laugh to...as cheesy as it sounds, I promise nothing can cheer you up faster than something you love.
I did all of these things and then some.. not only am I discovering myself, but I am discovering how blessed I am.  If you are going through a rough time, remember that life is beautiful, you are beautiful.  You can smile again. Just remember what is important to you and figure out what makes you happy.

If you feel like someone is holding you back from your dreams and your happiness, they probably are. Don't let anyone stand in your way.  You'll be amazed at what the world has to offer you - you just have to let yourself see it.

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