Saturday, August 22, 2015

Homemade Brunch and Saturday Productivity

Weekends call for brunching, right?

I had every intention on waking up early and getting waffles and pecan coffee with my friends... but I had a little too much fun by firelight last night, and wound up sleeping until noon. I even missed my family taking off for a day adventure to find burgers, fries and root beer floats.

No big deal, though. I don't mind staying home and doing 12 loads of laundry while sorting my mail and RSVPing to weddings, while also coming up with Facebook content and editing all 16 pending posts in the Urban Cashmere blog.

I guess I really was meant to get shit done today.

I made a cup of coffee and added a tablespoon of this amazingly delicious new vegan coffee creamer I found. The brand is Califa Farms and the flavor is Pecan Caramel. It's actually everything I have ever needed it to be and more, and it tastes so good in coffee and hot tea.

As I sipped my coffee, I paced around the kitchen wondering what I could make that would be brunch-y and all around delicious? I started to settle on a piece of toast and an egg when I realized I had one BOCA Burger left AND an avocado. I then put my creative brain to the test and off we went.

I also made a delicious Chocolate Cookie Butter smoothie which I devoured way too quickly. It was supposed to last me through my editing, and it made it through this sentence.

Amazingness on Toast

1 piece of homemade bread (or whatever you eat for bread)
1 egg
1 BOCA Burger
Half of an avocado
Vegan cream cheese (or not vegan)
Cheese (optional)

1. Crack egg over small cooking pan and let cook, try to strategically flip it without getting yolk everywhere. I fail at this constantly so I eat my eggs sort of hard, though runny eggs are so delicious.
2. While this is cooking, cut up your avocado, toast your bread and heat up your BOCA Burger.
3. Put cream cheese on toast, throw egg on top, strategically lay burger on top of the egg, followed by avocado and sriracha. Add cheese if you're feeling crazy.
4. Eat with fork and knife.

Chocolate Cookie Butter Smoothie
(Not pictured, but freaking awesome)

1 banana
Half of an avocado
Half a tbsp of cocoa powder
2 tbsp of Biscoff Cookie Butter (Trader Joe's makes a good copy cat version)
1 cup of almond milk
Half cup of ice
Vanilla sugar (optional)

1. Put everything in blender of Ninja and blend it. Then drink it and weep.

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