Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Work it Wednesday: NC and Erie Winters 2015

Since I'm currently disabled (I took a bit of a tumble last week and had to get some metal parts screwed into my leg) and can only rock stretchy pants with a leg wide enough to slip over my cast, I figured I could post the outfits I WISH I was wearing.

This week, I wish I were in sunny Raleigh, North Carolina with fellow blogger Courtney Fashionista. In her most recent post, Courtney mentions that Raleigh's typically warm temps have dropped to around 20 degrees. Well, Erie is a balmy 3 degrees so I would kill to be rocking tights and adorable booties right about now.

These looks are all from my Keaton Row lookbook, "Winter 2014-2015"

Here's my ideal North Carolina winter outfit - skirts and stockings! This outfit is perfect for temps above 25 degrees. Add a cross-body bag over your shoulder and enjoy your "chilly" winter day! I'd suggest doing one of these neat scarf styles to really add to your look.

 Winters 2014-2015 Lookbook North Carolina Pg 6

This is a variation of what my day-to-day looked like in Snow Capital of the World Erie, PA before my injury. And, YES, I am well aware that I push beyond the limits of "business casual" by wearing boots and leggings to work every day.

 Winter 2014-2015 Lookbook Erie Winters Pg 7

By the way, those Joan of Arctic boots from Sorel are an amazing companion in the middle of a winter wonderland. I got mine from Massey's, but they are since out of stock as is Nordstrom's. A few styles can be found on Zappos so get them while they are hot - well, while it's cold, at least.

Side note: Erie is currently the snowiest city in the United States. Make it stop!

 Adele Stewart Keaton Row Certified Stylist

If any of these looks caught your eye, or if you'd be interested in styling with me, feel free to send me a message on Keaton Row! You don't have to fill out the entire profile, in fact fill in the most general facts and then I can take over the rest. I can't wait to get you ready in budget (or splurge) friendly for whatever winter weather you may be facing!!!

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