Monday, January 19, 2015

Mix & Maxi Monday

Mondays. I'm not sure what your week is looking like, but mine is pretty snowy.
What outfit goes better with the changing weather than an "all-season" black maxi?
And what goes better with an "all-season" maxi than literally everything?

No seriously guys, literally everything goes with a maxi. 
You can wear it as is if you're somewhere warm & sunny this January, or you can add a kimono.
Throw a blouse on over it, or a sweater and blazer,
I'm choosing to liven mine up with a sweater, only because it's freezing here.

Pair it up with a sock bun, or down with a few twists and a ton of accessories.
Perhaps some of the following?

 Adele Stewart Keaton Row Certified Stylist

If any of these looks caught your eye, or if you'd be interested in styling with me, feel free to send me a message on Keaton Row! You don't have to fill out the entire profile, in fact fill in the most general facts and then I can take over the rest. I can't wait to get you ready in budget (or splurge) friendly for whatever winter weather you may be facing!!!

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