Sunday, July 31, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I am a 21 year old college student who has spent most of my summer working 2 part time jobs and taking four 3 credit each summer classes. With all of this agony and work, you would think: what do you do with your free time? Well instead of sleeping, I park my ass on my bedroom floor and explore my imagination, I dig deep. I usually try to figure out something crafty, or I spend time with my nose in a book.

My latest crafts have been painting:

This was just a simple white word I found at A.C. Moore. I used acrylic paint around the edges and to cover the whole thing. Then used a very small brush to create the "leopard print."

Some people may find it weird that I used this color combination and pattern on this specific word. However, I looked at it as "Imagine" being my favorite song by John Lennon, purple being my favorite color, and leopard being my favorite print. It's kind of an introduction to myself.

The next project I worked on was a finger knitted jersey bracelet. I only ventured in experimenting with the "2 finger" knit (the yellow bracelet shown above), but you can also use three or four fingers to create an even bigger shape.

The instructions to create these pieces are here.

My final crafts of the past two weeks included these handmade, hand stamped cards. The ink, paper and stamps are mostly all from Stampin' Up.

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