Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Vagina Is My Village

Starting tomorrow, I will be in my first production since my senior year of high school. Almost four years have gone by since my last show. However, this show is much more meaningful to me than anything I have ever been in. It is the Vagina Monologues. No, we are not Nazi Femmes who burn our bras and scream "MEN ARE INFERIOR" ... in fact, the ideas that just popped up in your head about the show are probably completely wrong! We are warriors, fighting for women who have been beaten, battered, and abused. We are making you aware of the violence that is out there towards women. It's serious.

Although the show throws in some humor, take note of the facts and sad stories that are provided. This year there will be a spotlight monologue about Miriam Frederick - the director of a Haitian orphanage, who brought the Vagina Monologues into Haiti. Frederick sadly lost her life after Haiti cracked open at the seams in 2010.

It's more than women fighting to be equal, it's more than women talking about their menstrual issues. It's more. It's their war to raise awareness and to stop violence and abuse towards all women. It's real and it needs to stop.

My vagina is my village. It wants to be treated fairly. It doesn't want to be taken advantage of or told what to do. It doesn't want to be violated or to know that other women are. It doesn't want to be anything other than my vagina.

I am proud to be a Vagina Warrior. ({})

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